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The Gort family

The Gort family have of old always been involved with commerce and nutrition. The roots of the family lie in the little town of Grouw in Friesland and in those days they were traders in cereals and boatswains who by devious ways became involved in the building of dykes of the then called Zuider Zee. They were rough men who worked basaltic rocks.
One branch of the family moved in the direction of Schiedam, where they also worked as stone setters. Another branch landed in Great-Britain and has won its spurs in the army. The Gort family spread out all over the world and if you browse the web now, you will notice it is a very adventurous family.
My grandparents, Annie and William Gort, were fishmongers in Germany who came back to Holland just before World War II, to settle down in Muiden at the IJsselmeer. My father, Gerrit Gort, was a butcher in Friesland and after marrying my mother, Froukje Klaren, they settled down in Bolsward. After World War II my father initially searched for airplane wrecks in the IJsselmeer. After that he started a factory which manufactured rubber playing balls in Muiden. 
Our family consisted of father, mother and four sons. The two eldest are independent entrepreneurs. William Gort is director/owner of Hego Trading Compagnie which is a business concern who sells rust-proof steel all over the world and is the largest.